Interview with Brian Avers

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So a couple of weeks ago, I asked you all to send in your questions for Brian Avers and he has replied to them all!!!!

Thanks everyone for all these great questions, and to you Sarah for putting this together!

Q1) How do you feel when you see The Weekend Movie IMDb MOVIEmeter up-up-up ? Didn't you miss acting in it? P.S. Your French fans say Hello!!!

A) I haven't looked at the MovieMeter yet, but if it's going up-up-up, that's fantastic to hear! Right now, I'm just anxious to finish what we need to finish with the film and start moving to the next phase, of getting it out to everyone. It's a great little movie, funny and touching and I haven't gotten tired of it after two years of hard work, because the cast is just so delightful to watch, and the story feels honest, affecting, and personal. So if people are interested, I'm just thrilled.

I did NOT miss acting in it, to be honest - it was a relief to not worry about the performance aspect and just focus on the story and the wonderful cast. Trust me, that was challenging enough!

p.s. bonjour! merci!

Q2) What was your first acting job?

A) My first acting "job", technically, was a reading of a short play at a downtown studio space in New York, where we all got a cut of the donations at the door. Thus, LaMaMa wrote me a check for $3.70. I still have it, and will cherish it always. (No, I'm not kidding.)

Q3) What has been your favorite acting role so far?

A) My favorite acting role is very hard to answer - there are several that share a spot on the top shelf. Most are roles in plays - so let's say film & TV only: I really did get a kick out of doing the film GIGANTIC with Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel. I can still watch those scenes and smile for sure.

Q4) What was your experience on NCIS: LA like?

A) My experience on NCIS: LA was incredible - from doing the pilot spin-offs with Mark Harmon, to the farewell episode, it was a challenge, a thrill, I learned a ton, and everyone on set (cast, crew, production) was fantastic. They have a hit show for a reason.

Q5) What was the NCIS: LA cast like?

A) The NCIS: LA cast was great. Friendly, enthusiastic, sense of humor, hard working... top notch.

6) What was your first feeling on the NCIS: LA set like? P.S. Belgium misses you

A) Ha, thanks Belgium! I miss you too! ... My first feeling was a mix, one half nervousness because it was all new to me, and one half beside myself because it felt like a huge accomplishment, and hey look, there's a chair with my name on it! It was, in many ways, a dream come true.

7) Do you keep in contact with the NCIS: LA cast?

A) I stay in touch here and there - most regularly with Pete Cambor, a good friend and a great guy.

8) Who is the best person you have worked with?

A) The "best person"... depends on if you mean most talented actor, or most famous, or the finest human being... all different. I'm going to say the two people I worked with that I will never forget and value the most are legendary director Trevor Nunn and world-class playwright Tom Stoppard (if you don't know them, look it up!). To have earned a smile from them, I'll tell you, it still gets me up in the morning. Absolute genius, both of them.

But in terms of television, seriously, I admire how Mark Harmon handles himself as much as anyone I've ever met. He's one of a kind.

9) If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

A) If I could work with anyone - tell you what, I'll give you a handful: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Robert Duvall, Meryl Streep, and Judi Dench. Those five would teach me everything I need to know.

10) What got you into acting?

A) What got me into acting? A girl, of course! And what kept me acting was all the attention and applause! An insecure young boy's day-dreams all come true...

11) Hey Brian, Hope your doing great. I was wondering do you have to the usual cattle calls for auditions or are you lucky get to skip all that cause of the work you have done and are more known around now?? Hope u have Great Luck with the #WEEKEND:)

A) Thanks! Like most actors, I almost always have to audition, but the more successful you are, the less crowded the waiting room is, know what I mean? I'm better off than ever before, but certainly a ways to go before the phone calls start pouring in...

12) Are you coming over to England soon?

A) Ha! I wish! Lived in London for several months, and Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world... can't wait to get back.

Thanks again folks - your interest in me, and support for my creative life means the world. All my love and best to all of you!


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