3 months & Interview with Morgan Baker

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3 months ago today I started this blog and it has been bigger than I have ever dreamed. So I decided to post this interview with Australian star Morgan Baker who is best known for playing Callum Jones on Neighbours.

1) If you weren't an actor what would you be now?
A. A regular school boy.

2) What made you audition for Callum?
A. I'd been acting for a few years before auditioning, I'd always really enjoyed it. My agent told me about the audition and I went for it.

3) How was it to be new in the cast?
A. It was such a weird experience. I was just in awe of all these people that I'd seen on television all my life.

4) Who is the biggest joker on set?
A. Calen Mackenzie who plays new character Bailey.

5) Who is your favorite person to work with?
A. To be honest, I don't really have a favourite, I truly enjoy working with all my workmates.

6) What was your first acting job?
A. My first acting job was a small role in an HBA insurance ad.

7) What has been your favorite acting role so far?
A. My favourite acting role would have to be Callum, It's the biggest, most real character I've gotten to walk in the shoes of and I'm really enjoying doing so.

8) What was your experience on Neighbours like?
A. My experience on Neighbours has been truly magnificent, I'm enjoying it so much and the evolution from inexperienced newcomer to where I am today has been so fast, I can't believe I've already been there for 5+ years. It's such an amazing environment to work in and I tresure every moment

9) What was the Neighbours cast like?
A. They are truly the best bunch of people, all so down to earth and absolutely hilarious, it's ridiculous how often they leave me in stitches.

10) If you could live in any country, which one would it be and why?
A. I know this is kind of a cheat answer, but Australia. I just honestly love everything about this country, from the beautiful weather through to the fact that all of our native animals are deadly assassins.

11) Do you have any tips for an aspiring actor?
A. 1. Be ready to put yourself out there, and be ready for rejection, the ratio of the amount of auditions I went to and the amount of jobs I've booked would be 20:1 at best, which can be disappointing. But you can't let it break you, because if you've got the drive and the patience, you're unstoppable.
Oh also, get ready for reading. Lots of reading. And remembering stuff...

12) What is your strongest subject at school?
A. Mine would have to be either English, History or Maths. Or Media - Film making which is kinda a nothing subject for me...

13) What has been your favorite Neighbours story line?
A. I've really been enjoying the one I'm currently filming and can tell you nothing about. But besides that, I really enjoyed the Sonya is Callum's mother storyline with the betrayal and eventual forgiveness with the subsequent first and second Troy storylines also being awesome.


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