Lillie's Story

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In 2010 a young girl named Lillie was diagnosed with cancer called 'Acute lymphoblastic leukemia' which is a cancer of the blood. In March 2013 Lillie finished her chemotherapy and a few weeks back, decided she wanted to do something

I asked Lille What inspired her to start selling 'Team Lillie' wristbands, this was her answer:
'Before I had cancer I had no idea how hard it was to go through it & what all the charities & hospitals did for me & my friends with cancer would never of been possible if people didn't donate, I just want to make children smile & distract them from the tough things they face & i wouldn't of been able to battle through if the hospitals & charities that supported me weren't there.'

The link below is the website that Lillie set up. You can buy her wristbands or donate to her page.

Lillie's website


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