Best Birthday Ever

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Hey everyone!!! So as many of you know, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I can officially say it has been the best birthday ever.  DSCF2490

So for some crazy reason, I woke up at 1am to about 11 tweets from my friends which was amazing. As they day went on, I kept receiving birthday messages via Facebook, BBM & Twitter. For my breakfast, my mom made me blueberry & banana pancakes which I forgot to take a picture of but they were amazing. With that I got my birthday presents from my parents.


I've been eyeing up the NCIS Necklace since last year and was really happy when I opened it. After I came home from work with my dad, he had received a package from Amazon and gave it to me to open. I had no idea what it was and I fell on the stairs when I opened it and saw the NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 DVD as it was released in the US the day before.DSCF2499

As it was a Wednesday, my parents & I went out and had a pub dinner. As it is a family pub, it is a calm & relaxing environment so I loved it. However as yesterday was Sunday, we had a special meal which was amazing. One of my favorite food is Beef Brisket which is absolutely gorgeous. I never usually eat beef but with the Brisket, it rips apart really easily.


Then on Saturday I met up with some of my friends from twitter {which you can read about here} and that made my week. I also uploaded a video to YouTube which includes Twerking in M&M world and the Story of the Rose:

I was also lucky enough to get two birthday cakes. One on my birthday & one that my beautiful mommy made me xx



Also thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, I lost count at 50 so I'm not sure if I replied to everyone. Daniela Ruah tweeting me was the highlight of my day.

~ SV ♥


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