Interview with Tim Murphy

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Timothy Murphy is an Irish born American actor best known for playing Ian Doyle in Criminal Minds and Galen in Sons of Anarchy. However the NCIS: Los Angeles fandom will know him for playing Issak Sidorov, a Russian arms dealer in late Season 4. If you've seen the Season 4 Finale titled 'Descent' you'd have seen Sidorov and his men torture Sam & Deeks.

I was lucky enough to interview him last week so enjoy....

So Season 4 ended with your character torturing Sam & Deeks, how was it to film those scenes?

Easy...I love torturing people ;)

You've obviously had to spend a bit of time with LL Cool J & Eric Christian Olsen. How were they to hang around with? the name suggests

Did you spend time with the rest of the cast?

Just the ones I work with...not much are there to work. But they are all very professional and we have a good time.

Are there any spoilers you can give us about the Season 5 premiere?

I think the fans will love the outcome.

Have you become good friends with any of the actors?

Not really outside of hanging out on set.

Some fans of the show also have some questions.

1) What was it like working on NCIS:LA? ~ Cari

I loved it

2) What was your reaction when you found out you had to torture someone? ~ Melissa


3) Which actor did you find most funny to work with? ~ Krystle

They are all comedians

4) What do you do when your not acting? ~ Tamara

Walk my dogs

5) What's it like playing a villain? ~ Jennifer


6) What inspired you to become an actor? ~ Lillie

Getting powdered by a beautiful Hispanic woman on a commercial shoot

7) What's it like working with the NCIS:LA cast? ~ Brooke


8) What drew you to play Sidorov? ~ @deekslover

The audition! And I love playing the bad guy, we get to have so much fun

9) Is it hard to talk with an accent all the time? ~ Laura

No, it’s fun!

10) How did you get the part of Sidorov? ~ Sarah G

I was out of town working and put myself on tape for it. The rest is history!

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