Renée Felice Smith talks about Nell in Season 5

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Hey everyone!!!

I have been given an exclusive opportunity to interview two people from NCIS Los Angeles. This week, I give you the one and only Renée Felice Smith AKA Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones!!!

I am honoured to have been granted this fantastic opportunity.

First of all may I thank Renée and Katie for their co-operation.

Will Nell get to go into the field more and perhaps using her weapon?

Great question. Answer is YES. Nell gets to wear her big girl blazer to help the team solve a crime in the field in episode 5 of this coming season. And we even see her take aim. I was pretty excited to play little miss action hero even if it was for just one day. Oh, and here's a fun fact: the crew couldn't believe how fast I can run. Never underestimate the tiny for we are mighty! Hopefully, more fun to that end as the season progresses.

Are we going to find out more about Nell, her history & why she became an agent?

To be honest, I really hope we learn more about our girl. I feel like Nell is one of the characters we know the least about. We know the general bullet points: she's genius level smart, misses her family of red heads around the holidays but we don't know much about her past, what she does in the weekends, what she sees herself doing in the future. Here's hoping we get some little golden nuggets of truth this season!

Are we going to see more Neric scenes in the next season?

Yes, the NERIC scenes, some of my favorites. There is a fun little scene that was written by Jordana Lewis Jaffe that we recently filmed because the episode itself was running short on time. Nell finds Eric are in the gadget room and begins quite a precocious conversation. Keep an eye out for it. It's a real winner ;)


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