My take on 2013

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So in my opinion, 2013 was a pretty great year for me but there have been the downsides. However I want this to be a cheery post so I will keep everything positive (the best I can).

In Janurary I created MissSarahSpy and have not regretted it nor will I ever regret it. This has been one of the best decisions and I am thrilled so many of you enjoy my blog. Although I started on Wordpress and moved to Blogger before I left WP, my blog had 1,058 followers & 11,023 page views which I was prety amazed with.

In February, I got not one but two interviews with two of my favorite celebrities, Brian Avers & Renee Felice Smith. Michael Weatherly also tweeted me which I woke my parents up with (sorry!)

In March, I went away on holiday and didn't really do much. Well, thats when Georgina & I started planning the NCIS meet up via Skype which was amazing. (Yes we really planned an event in August from March)

In April, both Michael Weatherly & Eric Christian Olsen announced their wives would be expecting children. I found out about Michael in a Sainsbury's car park and Eric walking into school which I then screamed about and rushed a blog post on the spot. I also uploaded THREE interviews which was quite a lot for one month.

In May, one of my favorite ever shows CSI: New York announced that they would not be renewing the show which really upset me. It was also the month for the season finales of Castle, NCIS & NCIS Los Angeles which did not help. I MEAN; CASTLE PROPOSING TO BECKETT, TONY ZIVA & MCGEE LEAVING NCIS & DEEKS AND SAM BEING TORTURED, MAN THEY WERE EVIL.

In June, Seamus & Juliana Dever came to London and when they arrived, were literally an hour away from my house. They also did a meet up but as I could not attend, I got one of my friends Verity to report back on it.

In July, Cote de Pablo announced she was leaving NCIS which led to fans making projects to say goodbye and cute videos & letters being made. I also got to meet Brooke who I met via twitter. Turns out, she lives in a town which I frequently visit so my parents agreed for us to meet. We had an amazing time.

In August; I made an August challenge (which Whitney & Kelly did for the whole of August and I didn't have time), Zalfie announced it was a thing, the first promos were released for the shows, the NCIS Meet Up happened, Eric's wife Sarah had their baby, NCIS LA & LL Cool J won awards at the Teen Choice Awards, Lee Thompson Young died (I cried a lot), oh and I interviewed Tim Murphy. All in all, a pretty busy month. It was also my birthday.

In September; I live streamed NCIS & NCIS LA with my mom, I went back to school and started in Year 10, I had a driving lesson (yes I'm 14 but it was legal) & I also started talking to Emily.

In October; I had another interview with Renee & Michael Weatherly became a dad again. At school we also had this thing called Army Day where members of the TA came into school and we were split into groups at random and we had to use team work and pass the tests.

In November; THE DENSI DATE OH WOW THAT WAS HARD ON THE FANDOM, my school had a mock interview day, Strictly Come Dancing went to the home of ballroom, Blackpool which was amazing to watch and they had a massive show dance with 3 generations performing.

Ahh December, I had my first dance performance at school which was cool. It went amazingly well which was a bonus. Abbey Clancy won Strictly Come Dancing, of course Christmas was amazing and I am so thankful for all the presents I received.

Anyway that kinda sums up 2013, it was literally a year that was really big for me and I wanna thank all of you that are reading this for a) supporting me and b) reading.




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