Dying My Hair Again

by - 13:51

Hey everyone!!! 

So these pictures are actually a bit old (from February) but I thought I would share with you my hair dying experience. 

I always use Nice'n Easy. Its my go to hair dye. I first dyed it back in May 2013 but to make sure I could I had to take an allergy test. As my mother is allergic to ammonia, I had to make sure I wasn't too. Thankfully there were no reactions so a couple of weeks later I dyed it.

The pack that comes with it contained....

You mix 1 into bottle 2 and shake it then add the pumpy thingy into bottle 2. Its important to keep the bottle straight when squeezing! Its not necessary to use the whole bottle but do use a sensible amount for your hair length.

I tend to keep it on for 20-25 minutes them go back and wash it off. Straight after, I use the CC Colourseal Conditioner which smells amazing! On the back of the box, which I think has been thrown out shows 3 different color shades and the color change it will have after.



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