Mothers Day

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Hey everyone!!! 

So on Sunday in the UK it was mother's day and I thought I would share with you what I bought her.

So my mom loves practical things for occasions and one example of this is tea! She is a massive tea drinker and when shopping, my dad and I came across all these different flavors. 

When I woke up this morning, which was at 11 (quite late but I went to bed at 4am), I gave her all these boxes. She's sitting next to me right now drinking a Mango & Strawberry flavored one. This morning, I made her a Lemon & Ginger cup. One thing I love about flavored tea is that you don't have to add any milk or sugar/sweetners as it would just take the flavor away.

I'm not that big of a tea drinker but my favorite flavor is English Breakfast. I have no idea why!

Twinings is one of my favorite brands of tea but we don't usually have it in the house. Since I'm writing this on the Sunday and tomorrow I have school, I'm gonna go now.



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