My Tips for Clearer Skin

by - 16:16

It's good to let your skin breath and I try and do this as much as I can. During a normal school term I'm make up free during the weekdays and wear make up on the weekends however because it is the holidays, I'm wearing make up more often. At least once a week I don't wear make up and these are the things I've been doing to help my skin look brighter.
Also this has been working for me but I don't know if all of the following would work for other people of a different skin type.

DRINKING MORE WATER - This is something I hate doing however when I do, I notice a difference the next morning. I try and drink at least one bottle a day and build on that.

MULTIVITAMINS - I used to take Multivitamin & Cod Liver Oil tablets months ago but stopped after a while but I've recently started taking them again. It does taste disgusting but are helping.

FACE WASH- I use a Simple Face Wash every morning which also helps me to wake up. I don't get many hours of sleep a night (especially in the hot weather) but this really brightens up my skin.

TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF ASAP - I do this often, as soon as I walk into the house I take my make up off (unless I know I'm going out later) but I do this so I don't fall asleep with it on as when I'm asleep, its hard to wake me up

Anyway I hope you can take something from this, thanks for reading!


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