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Something that I love doing is finding new music and one band that I came across is called Main Street Lights.

How about a quick introduction for people who don't know who you are?
Hailing from Southern California, Main Street Lights are pop-punk veterans of the latter-day Orange County music scene. Taking cues from the music that surrounded them growing up, Main Street Lights represents endless enthusiasm from all alternative music, pop-punk and rock.

Founded by James Gubersky and Joe Garcia in 2007, Main Street Lights set out to change the world. Dumbfounded as to why their MySpace garage demos failed to unify the Middle East and cure disease, Main Street Lights readjusted their goals to something more reasonable. Their goal, as the story goes, was to rock… and rock hard they have!
Shortly after their formation, Main Street Lights entered the studio to record their debut, self-titled, extended-play EP. The EP caught traction in the local Orange County music scene as the height of the pop-punk wave began to fizzle. Main Street Lights stayed above the fray by offering a two vocalist punch, a diverse sound rooted in vocal harmonies, lead guitar and the occasional, hardcore-style breakdown.

With the addition of new band members, Max Caraveo and Manny Orozco, Main Street Lights have recently released their extended-play EP, titled, “The Piñata Project.” The record is comprised of three introductory tracks for an approximate total listening time of 11 minutes. It has been released on the Main Street Records music label. An upbeat and vivifying record full of irresistible and infectious optimism, “The Piñata Project” represents an enthusiastically satisfying introduction to this endlessly fun, new-school punk band from Southern California.

Main Street Lights cite as main artistic influences Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, New Found Glory, and Foo Fighters. They are in the process of producing their debut LP record and encourage their fans to reach out! “We love communication from the people who enjoy our music! Reach out to us and we will talk back.”

Main Street Lights are James Gubersky (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar) / Joe Garcia (Vocals/Bass) / Max Caraveo (Lead Guitar) / Manny Orozco (Drums)    

How did you all meet and decide this is what you want to do? Did it take a while to convince some of you or did you all jump to it?

Joe and James met in high school both playing music but never together. Once their high school bands disbanded they looked at each other, hugged and decided to start Main Street Lights. There have been a couple of line-ups a long the way. 

Mutual friends brought Max to the band. He showed up to the audition hung over and grumpy but he was so good at guitar so we forgave him. Manny was found online on Craigs List. We were scarred he was going to murder us but he ended up being pretty cool... he still may be plotting to murder us for all we know.

We all love music so it was easy to get things moving. If it requires convincing it is not going to work in the long run.

Hold On is one of my favorite songs at the moment, do you write all your music by yourself?
First, thank you :-) We're glad that you like the song!

Hold On was written by James and Joe before Max and Manny joined the band. The song went through a couple of re-births before the final version was released. Every part of the song was completed except for the chorus. After leaving the song alone for a couple of weeks, we realized that an older idea that we had could work and that became the final piece of the song. What was interesting was when Max and Manny joined the band and put their take on some of the backing instrumentation. It really filled out the song and gave the song a lot more energy. 

Overall, Main Street Lights is very democratic with our song writing process. Typically, someone comes to the table with a song idea and we all begin pulling at the idea until we're all happy. There is a little give and take when there is a disagreement but to this date, we can't think of a song that we've written that we're not happy with. 

What does the future hold for MSL?
We are currently in the process of writing a full-length album. We're almost done and we're hoping to have it out by the end of the year. This is our third cycle with this band. Typically, you write, record, play show and start over. The first two cycles we have gone through have been with EP's. This will be the first time we put out 10-12 songs. We're excited and hopefully this will be our best work which in turn will elevate the success of the band.

I'm so excited for it! Thank you very much for doing the interview
Not a problem 



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